Case Management in Bogor

What is Case Management in JRS Indonesia?

Case Management is a collaborative process between refugees and JRS within a certain period to plan, seek, advocate and monitor holistic services to achieve goals and create changes, based on principles of partnership, equality, empowerment, and transparency and the process will be documented.

Case Management

The central aspect of the case management scheme are collaboration and co-working between refugee and JRS Indonesia (case officer) in building refugees’ capacity to seek refugees’ resiliency.

Intended to improve survival, dignity, and hope through cash-based assistance, emergency response, and home visits to identify opportunities towards needed support collaboratively.

Goal and Case Plan

Goal and Case plan must be developed together (refugee and case officer) over the duration of the intervention.

Duration of Assistance

Duration is between 1-6 months at maximum

Who can access

Provided to individuals and family in the Bogor area.

Flow Chart:

How to contact

Helpdesk services available in JRS Community Center on Monday – Thursday with appointment. Please kindly contact this number to make an appointment: 081340277437

Find further information about JRS Bogor Case Management : in English, Farsi, Arabic, Oromo


Due to the limited resources of JRS (Staff and Budget), not all requests can be assisted.